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Doing the Distance is fast growing travel blog with enthusiastic and engaging audience and thousands followers on social media. My readers are interested in traveling, sports, adventure, nature, outdoor activities, and more.





Doing the distance is a popular solo female travel blog with a focus on adventure & culture travel. It reaches to readers interested in new destinations, unique activities and living abroad. In addition to this, people connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

My articles are honest and I could also promote you in any of the languages I speak  (English, Spanish and Polish). I feature only authentic experiences.



How can we work together?


  • I can review your product or hotel and tell my readers about it. It will grow the brand awareness, trustworthiness and can lift your rankings.
  • Brand Ambassador Programs– Whether you’re a destination or travel brand, I will work to promote the destination to my readers.
  • Press Trips- I will check  your destination offer in person and promote my trip through blog posts, social media or custom projects that we can agree.
  • Sponsored Instagram posts- Become more visible on social media. Make your brand or destination be seen by 10k hungry travelers.
  • Contests & Giveaways– I’ll publicize your promotions for travel-related prizes, trips and events.
  • Sponsored Posts- I will work with your copy editors to write a promotional, travel-related article and will share it with my readers.
  • Banner Ads- Because Seeing Is Better Than Hearing When It Comes To Retaining Memories.
  • Digital Influencers Campaigns- If you want to build awareness for your brand or a new product, consider reaching out to engaged and dedicated audiences through influencers.



I believe in stories that focus on the moments, the emotions, and the happiness of meeting people and  discovering roads and territories I haven’t seen before. If you are an authentic brand that focuses on the heart and soul of the travel, without emphasis on money, I’d love to work with you.


If you want to discuss any options please do not hesitate to contact me through contact form or drop me an e-mail: doingthedistance(at)






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