Visit Spain – 8 marvelous and full of surprises towns at North from Barcelona

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Visiting Spain, Catalonia is one of the most visited regions and so Barcelona is the most seen city in that part. While heading to Barcelona, check those eight marvelous and full of surprises towns.


Enjoy those beautiful cities a stone’s throw from Barcelona


1. Calella de Palafrugell



Although it is a very small fishing village, it is worth of mentioning. Barely crowded, it is nice to spend a day to unwind and relax. Even tho the Canadell beach is not big and fills up fast with the people, but there is opportunity to rent kayaks and paddle boards and in general all kind of sport related stuff. Like all villages has a typical tourist street, where you will find restaurants, bars and souvenir shops.



2. Rupit

Although the city is only 109 km from Barcelona where 364 inhabitants live, is a different and very original village. It is difficult to reach by public transport for this reason it is better to rent the car and take advantage of the visit to the rural village and the trip to the past. It is where they nest houses between the mountain and rocks. Romanesque houses and stone streets. The original wooden suspension bridge and the baroque church of San Miguel are worth of mentioning. It’s the village where you can buy handicraft products and you’ll will not regret it. Ideal for walking, crossing the bridges and visiting the farmhouses and streets. You have even an opportunity to go out of the village. Lots of trails, panoramic viewpoints and forests.



3. Cadaques

For Salvador Dalí, Cadaques was “The most beautiful village in the world”. But he wasn’t the only one who visited this lovely place. Artists like Pablo Picasso, Luis Buñuel, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, André Dérain, Richard Hamilton, Antonio Pitxot…and more.

This place has its own charm and after visiting you will most probably like to go back and stay there forever. Surrounded by the mountains of 613 m of height and to get to it, you need to pass the road curves.  An optional boat ride from town Rosas is a great idea too. Strolling through the streets of Cadaques is priceless.




4. Montmelo

If you are a fan of GP motorcycle or Formula 1, this is the obligatory -Montmelo and its circuit. Inaugurated on September 10th of 1991. Seat of the Spanish Grand Prix of F1 and the Grand Prix de Catalunya of MotoGP, two of the most prestigious championships in the world of motor, to which is added the BarcelonaRX and World Championship FIA de Rallycross. Rents its facilities 365 days a year. Private and group trainings, driving courses, incentive and training days, world presentations and many other events are held on the circuit. In the other spaces you can also develop any type of commercial, social or public relations activity.



5. Vall de Nuria

Located at the height of 2040 m. It can be accessed through a train rack that connects Ribes de Freser with Nuria, or footpath. The zipper surpasses unevenness of more than 1000 m in only 12 km of route during which one can appreciate nature. There is “Santuario de Nuria” with an 11th century virgin which also serves the hotel. In the lake that is in front of the Sanctuary, you can skate on ice in winter time. With ski lifts you can access the ski resort which has 10 slopes.



6. Mura

Mura, another small town. Typical with its narrow cobbled streets, where time does not seem to pass at all. It has almost a millennium of history. It offers hiking and trekking in the Natural Park of Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac. Enjoy a day outdoors, surrounded by nature. One of Mura’s most outstanding activities is in the production of excellent wines. For this it makes available to all wineries that can be visited, to taste exquisite wines and typical dishes. Among them we can name Vitivicultors of Mura, offering packages of visit, wine tasting and preparation of the best typical dishes of the zone.




The lowest site of the village is located about 350 m high and the highest, at 1126 m. Montblanc is another typical medieval village, but only visiting it, you will be able to receive the charm of its streets and houses.  The legend of St. Jordi, is situated in Montblanc. Town celebrates annually Medieval week and it even has its own anthem. In 2016 Montblanc had only 7,284 inhabitants. Every Tuesday and Friday the city celebrates their own market. The village, is located at the foot of the Prades Mountains and, this makes it the starting point of numerous routes that give good opportunities to enjoy nature or outdoor sport.



8. Besalú

More than a small town. Located less than 200 meters above sea level. The one with about 2,360 inhabitants; Nevertheless, during the summer period, the population of Besalú multiplies.

The village is of medieval origin and grew around a fortress, Besalú Castle. For nature lovers, Besalú offers the possibility of hiking with numerous routes, including the Route of the Pyrenees Comtal.

Every year, in early September the small town of Besalú, in La Garrotxa, celebrates the Medieval Fair. Throughout weekend, the village is transformed into an authentic medieval village full of objects, food, activities for all audiences and at all times, live music, warrior fights and horse fights, donkey rides for the little ones and everything from medieval era. It is also has bird exhibitions.

The word “Miqvé” means Jewish baths of purification. It is an underground room that is accessed through 36 steps. These bathrooms offer a simple, rectangular structure, covered by rocks. Basal Jewish baths are unique piece in Spain, and the third piece discovered in Europe. There are only two more examples, one in Liege (Belgium) and one in Nimes (France).

The medieval spirit of the streets, the charm of the houses and the architectural beauty, makes of Besalú an unique place that makes you fall in love.



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