“Travel Girls” ·Interview with Patricia·

Hey there and welcome to my Travelers Interviews project.

Here you can read stories from travelers. How they survive long/short term travels, their tips etc.

Patricia Keaton, Ohio, U.S. native who moved seven times in the last five years. I quit my full-time job in sales to move and travel. I now spend about half of the year abroad sharing my stories and photos with all of you! Feel free to reach out via email or social media if you have questions or comments!


1.”When did you start traveling and did you plan that long travel from the beginning?” 

I’ve been traveling in the U.S. since I was little, but I started traveling to other countries a few years ago. When planning a new trip, I always have a start and end date (I am very organized). I prefer long trips and am always looking forward to future travels.


2. “How did you travel for so long(IF)? I mean, did you work in the meantime or you saved all the money before you started traveling?”


Studying abroad while finishing my bachelor’s degree allowed me to travel. I could see a plethora of countries and I continue to visit them (and new countries) even after graduation. I recommend it to any student I can!


3. “Traveling alone or with company?”

I usually travel alone, but sometimes with my boyfriend or friends.


4. “How You came to be a female/male solo traveler?”

Not everyone has an open schedule where they can go on trips. So, when I’d find a deal I couldn’t pass up I would grab it before it was gone. I didn’t always have people that could do that with me.


5. “Do you ever get lonely or bored traveling alone?”

NEVER. There is always something to do or see in a new place.


6. “What if you come home early because of homesickness or if You run out of money?”

This hasn’t happened before, but I try to plan and always have an emergency fund. Thankfully technology helps me stay connected with my loved ones.


7. “Have you ever had any bad experience on the road? If yes where, and what happened?”

I got extremely sick in London and I remember walking in every pharmacy I saw to get more medicine. I was cranky and exhausted that entire trip.


8. “What’s your favorite place so far?”

The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. (Although I have a few runner-up’s)


9. “What home comfort do you miss the most?”

My boyfriend when he is not able to travel with me.


10. “Who is the most interesting person you’ve met so far?”

A salesman in Florence.


11. “Toilets: squat or Western?”



12. “What was your most embarrassing moment while traveling?”

I couldn’t find my apartment when I first got to Italy. I had the keys and I just tried every door until I got the right one. Some people were not so happy about that!


13. “What have you brought on the way, that you haven’t used?”

Heels. I rarely wear them anyway, but if you absolutely must wear them just bring wedges.


14. “What has been the most useful item you’ve brought on the way?”

A luggage scale.


15. “What’s the best piece of travel advice you’ve received?

To try to blend in with the locals.


16. “What’s the worst piece of travel advice you’ve received?”

Not to trust anyone. I have met wonderful people while traveling!


17. “What’s your top travel tip?”

To stay hydrated!


18. “How did your relatives felt about your trip?”

It was probably 50/50: some people were worried and others thought it would broaden my horizons.


19. “What’s the longest you’ve been away from home?”

3 months.


20. “What’s your dream job?”

To share my traveling findings with aspiring and avid travelers.


21. “How are you documenting your trip?” 

I have a blog where I share more detailed stories and tips and I post my favorite photos on Instagram.


22. “What’s been the weirdest thing you’ve seen?”

Hard question… maybe that some countries don’t refrigerate their dairy products.


23. “What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learnt?”

Other languages!


24. “What has surprised you about yourself?”

I rarely worry while traveling and can find solutions to problems (like a canceled flight) calmly.


25. “Dorm or private room?” 

It depends on my budget, but I prefer a private room.


26. “Do you call yourself traveller or backpacker?” 

Traveler because I go places that a backpack would not be accepted. Plus, I pack a lot of clothes.


27. “What can’t you travel without and why?”

A map so I can find my way.


28. “What home comfort do you miss the most?”

My boyfriend when he is not able to travel with me.


29. “How many gadgets are you carrying? Which is your favorite?”

Four. I have a vintage polaroid camera (my favorite), but my phone is the most useful.


30. “Strict schedule or go with the flow?”



31. “Beer or wine?”

Depends on the occasion.


32. “Street food or restaurant?”



33. “What is your favorite street food so far?”

Seafood cone in Cinque Terre.


34. “How often do you try the local food?”



35. “What’s the most challenging thing you’ve done so far?”

Putting down roots when we bought a house. It was a hard decision because we want to be mobile and able to travel all the time.


36. “City or countryside?”



37. “Do you prefer to walk, take a public transport or private transport?” 

Walk because I can see more of the city.


38. “What destination(s) have you found to be overrated?”

Pisa, Italy.


39. “Do you read on the way or rather watch movies? Your last book/movie?”

Read. My current book is Someday, Someday Maybe by Lauren Graham. When I introduce a new city or country on my blog I list a couple of book recommendations along with them!


40. “How much stuff have you lost?”

My favorite pair of sunglasses is the only thing I can think of.


41. “How much stuff have you left on the way cos of the overweight of your luggage?”

Nothing. I am telling you, the luggage scale will be your best friend!


42. “Have you ever been scammed? How and where?”

I probably could have haggled with salesmen more in London, but thankfully I have never been scammed.


43. “What do you wish you’d brought to travel, that you haven’t?”

Warmer clothes. Especially for long plane rides.


44. “How do you stay safe on the road?”

I make sure to act like a local and be firm with strangers that talk to me. When I can, I travel with people. When I can’t, I let people know my whereabouts.


45. “Have you met someone on the road, that you’ve “clicked” with so good, to start traveling together?” 

Yes! I have similar interests with a girl I studied abroad with and we plan to travel quite a bit.


46. “Is it hard for you to get along with other travelers? If YES, why? If NOT, briefly write how do you do that?”

No, I find that other travelers want to tell their stories so I always let them. In the end, I usually have a new place to put on my “Must See” list.


47. “How do you communicate with locals, if they do not speak English?”

Smile. In most countries that will get you a long way. If I am trying to ask a question, then I shrug apologetically.


48. “Is there anything, that you would change about your travel/s, if you could start from the beginning and having all this traveling experience?”

I would have started sooner.


49. “How would you describe yourself in 3 words?”

Focused, passionate, and complex.


50. “Who would win in a fight: a polar bear with a rifle, or a Barbie with a laser gun?” 

A polar bear because a Barbie can’t move on its own.


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