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Hey there and welcome to my Travelers Interviews project.

Here you can read stories from travelers. How they survive long/short term travels, their tips etc.

Hey! I’m Jasmin, a twenty-something solo traveler from Germany.

Two years ago I moved to Florida, for some kind of work and travel: I worked at Disney World and gave my best to make some magic for the guests, but mostly, I was making magical memories with loads of travels. More than a year later I saved up enough to start a solo trip through Peru, México, the Southwest of the States, Hawaii and Canada.




1.”When did you start traveling and did you plan that long travel from the beginning?” 

I pretty much traveled my whole life, but started going on trips on my own or with friends when I was about 16. Most of them were spontaneous short trips, still are, but the longer solo trip that I did last year was planned about 1.5 months ahead.


2. “How did you travel for so long(IF)? I mean, did you work in the meantime or you saved  all the money before you started traveling?”

I worked for more than a year at Disney World in Florida. When the contract ended I already had saved up enough to go on that crazy trip.


3. “Traveling alone or with company?”

Alone, mostly. Some trips with friends. A month ago me and my boyfriend went on our first short trip together to Venice.


4. “How You came to be a female/male solo traveler?”

Most people aren’t spontaneous enough to book a flight for the weekend, or a week off, so I just go alone.

For the longer trip: After a year of never being alone more than 30 minutes with 4 roommates and thousands of people around me everyday, I felt like I finally HAD to be alone. Also I love challenging myself, and that’s what I did.


5. “Do you ever get lonely or bored traveling alone?”



6. “What if you come home early because of homesickness or if You run out of money?”

I don’t get homesick like that. I never ran out of money while traveling, but if I would, I’d use a website like workaway to find a job that offers you to host and cook for you in return for some hours of work per day.


7. “Have you ever had any bad experience on the road? If yes where, and what happened?”

Yes, I was watching the sunset on a volcano on Maui. I was on the phone waiting for the stars to show up, when suddenly the only other car on the parking lot opened it’s door and a guy followed me. When he started running towards me, I ran to my car, locked myself up and drove away, lights off. I hide in a very narrow street until they passed, and waited for another few minutes to make sure they were gone.


8. “What’s your favorite place so far?”

Probably Big Island on Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the mountains of Peru!


9. “What home comfort do you miss the most?”

Hot showers and a comfy bed.


10. “Who is the most interesting person you’ve met so far?”

I met a whole lot of fascinating people. A family I stayed with for a few days on my trip had the biggest impact on me, but the most interesting person was probably someone with a complicated life story who still managed to enjoy every bit of life, filled with kindness and laughter. 


11. “Toilets: squat or Western?”

Squat 😀


12. “What was your most embarrassing moment while traveling?”

Huh. I don’t think I ever felt embarrassed. I probably did some embarrassing things. But even if something happens – no one knows you, and they’ll never see you again.


13. “What have you brought on the way, that you haven’t used?”

A knife to defend myself and a second, smaller purse with an additional money pouch and spare phone in case I’d get robbed. Luckily didn’t need either.


14. “What has been the most useful item you’ve brought on the way?”

Damn good hiking boots.


15. “What’s the best piece of travel advice you’ve received?”

“I’m not running away from things, I’m running to them.” Thanks, Doctor (Who) 😉


16. “What’s the worst piece of travel advice you’ve received?”

“Women shouldn’t travel alone. Ask a friend to go with you.”


17. “What’s your top travel tip?”

Don’t travel alone. Haha. No: Trust your gut and never be “too tired” to do something. Seeing the sun rise over Monument Valley vs. sleeping in and fighting the mosquitoes in your tent. What is it going to be?


18. “How did your relatives felt about your trip/s?”

They were worried, I guess, but I also try to avoid my phone while traveling, so… Also, at some point they were used to it, so of course they’d say “Be safe”, but that’s about it.


19. “What’s the longest you’ve been away from home?”

About 1.5 years.


20. “What’s your dream job?”

 Interior Design at IKEA – I already got my dream job. J


21. “How are you documenting your trip(IF)?”

I document every trip on instagram. I’m also catching up on writing my blog posts, but I’ve been holding them back until I re-vamp the website with a proper blog, links and travel tips.




22. “What’s been the weirdest thing you’ve seen?”

I never found out what it was about, but in Peru, suddenly a bunch of guys with knitted masks, colorful costumes and dead baby alpacas on their backs appeared, listening to a guy in a black wedding dress under a veil, until another group arrived and performed some kind of ritual around a cross-shaped casket. 


23. “What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learnt?”

Perfection exists.


24. “What has surprised you about yourself?”

 You need so little to be truly happy.


25. “Dorm or private room?” 

Dorm – it’s cheaper. I’m usually on my own in my tent, so a few days in a dorm are alright.


26. “Do you call yourself traveller or backpacker?”

It’s a thin line, but I’d say a traveler.


27. “What can’t you travel without and why?”

My hammock. Because there’s nothing like a nap in a hammock in the wild, at the beach, at a rocky cliff, or under the stars.


28. “What home comfort do you miss the most?”

See #9


29. “How many gadgets are you carrying? Which is your favorite?”

I never counted. My camera is definitely my favorite.


30. “Strict schedule or go with the flow?”

Go with the flow!


31. “Beer or wine?”



32. “Street food or restaurant?”

Street food.


33. “What is your favorite street food so far?”

Churros in Peru.


34. “How often do you try the local food?”



35. “What’s the most challenging thing you’ve done so far?”

Finding my way out of Death Valley with 50+ ° Celsius without a map.


36. “City or countryside?”



37. “Do you prefer to walk, take a public transport or private transport?” 

Walk / Hiking!


38. “What destination(s) have you found to be overrated?”

Los Angeles. Sorry.


39.  “Do you read on the way or rather watch movies? Your last book/movie?”

 Read, I don’t even have electricity 😀


40. “How much stuff have you lost?”

I didn’t lose anything, but left a lot behind.


41. “How much stuff have you left on the way cos of the overweight of your luggage?”

Oh. I probably should have read this before answering #40 😉

It wasn’t the overweight though, but for some reason it just didn’t fit anymore.


42. “Have you ever been scammed? How and where?”

 Well, I definitely paid too much for my rental car after 17 hours on a plane.


43. “What do you wish you’d brought to travel, that you haven’t?”

 A tiny, really lightweight tripod.


44. “How do you stay safe on the road?”

 I trust my gut. Also, as mentioned before, I carry an additional smaller purse with a money pouch with just a few dollars in it, as well as a spare phone and some random old keys so it looks real.


45. “Have you met someone on the road, that you’ve “clicked” with so good, to start traveling together?” (as a friend, new boyfriend/girlfriend, or a group of people)?

 Yeah, I met a few new friends I definitely want to travel with!


46. “Is it hard for you to get along with other travelers? If YES, why? If NOT, briefly write how do you do that?”

 Not at all. You all have something in common already, and sharing your stories as well as listening to theirs is an easy way to start an interesting conversation.


47. “How do you communicate with locals, if they do not speak English?”

Gestures and desperation 😀


48. “Is there anything, that you would change about your travel/s, if you could start from the beginning and having all this traveling experience?”

Plan less.


49. “How would you describe yourself in 3 words?”

 Adventurous. Kind. Impulsive.


50. “Who would win in a fight: a polar bear with a rifle, or a Barbie with a laser gun?”

 Barbie, because it’s Chewbacca in disguise.



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