Olkhon Island and the Lake Baikal, Russia (VLOG)

The few days spent on the Olkhon Island in Russia, were definitely one of the best experience in my whole Trans Mongolian journey.

After three weeks spent in trains, visiting big cities, monuments and experiencing Russian culture, arriving to the Olkhon Island made a big impact on me. The Lake Baikal is as tremendous as they describe it. Even though I arrived there at the beginning of June, and the weather was weirdest ever- I loved it!

It wasn’t so cold already, neither the summer arrived yet. So, no ice skating on the famous Lake Baikal, either sunbathing  on the beautiful Olkhon shores. “Finally some good nature”- I thought with a big smile on my face, when I finally drop my bags on the Olkhon lands . This, plus the fact that you could camp wherever you wanted all around the island, made me happiest person ever.

Luckily for me, I’ve heard about possibility of camping on the island before I got there. I bought all necessary equipment in Irkutsk and I was ready for a big adventure. At least this is what I thought at first. Unluckily for me, as I mentioned before, the weather was weird AF.



Few hours of the warm sun mixed with long hours, even days of strong wind and rain, made it a bit of a hell. After four days spent on hiking and camping on the island I got a bit sick and I decided to leave. It was definitely too cold and I suffered every night, sometimes even without sleeping. Once, during the hard rain my tent started soaking. There were moments, that I thought I will fly away with my tent, just like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. However, I loved the whole adventure and I am still in love with the island. I met great people (there were even people coming and giving me some food or making pics with me!) and it felt a bit like a small survival. Love Love Loooove!

I would definitely go back there. Maybe in the summer or even in the winter (but this time with better equipment!).


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