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Finally it’s happening! I am getting ready to hit the road again. I am so excited. Where am I going this time? Warm beaches of Philippines, green mountains of New Zeland? Nope! I’m heading to cold, ass freezing land of Siberia.

Yes, call me crazy, cos who would do that? I would, I guess hahaha. I wanna do this, and it’s been a long time I wanted it.

I must confess, that for the last year my relationship with travel wasn’t that good, as I would wish. We had our ups and downs like any other relationships…true! But our passion, love for each other and stubbornness won! So it’s official now, we’re back together and I hit the road again.

(Hit the road Jules!)


The plan is to make something like Transmongolian route, but adding other cities on the way. For the moment it looks like a big chaos(even tho in my head looks pretty ok…) and I’m pretty sure it’s gonna change a bit while on the way. I need to take into account, that there will be no trains to some cities or I will not have time to get everywhere. Anyways, i don’t like to plan everything from “A to Z” so, it’s ok. I have an A and I have the Z, the rest in between will come on the way.

I was a bit disappointed, when they told me that I could get only one month visa…sucks! So, that’s the main thing, which was putting me in a rush and which provokes all chaos. (Soon will write about how to get visas and buy train tickets).

Apart of writing on blog, I will make a vlog from this journey as well. I already opened Youtube channel, where you will be able to keep track of my trip. I hope I will have a good internet on the way so, I will be able to post videos daily.  I have my tickets too, I mean plane tickets. First on 10th of March I’m flying home, to visit my family. Two weeks later, on 24th of March I will fly from Warsaw to St. Petersburg.


Here you can see more or less, the plan for my travel.


  • Barcelona- Warsaw-Sant Petersburg (flight) 
  • Sant Petersburg⇔Murmansk (train)
  • Moscow and Golden Ring of Russia
  • Niznyj Novogrod
  • Kazan
  • Perm  [visiting ITK-6 Camp Perm, a 1946 labour camp in the Ural Mountains, near the border of Siberia]
  • Salekhard-The only “city” in the world crossing the Polar Circle, anda  great place for catching up with Northern Lights
  • Yekaterinburg
  • Cheliabinsk- a city where meteorite, that hit Earth’s atmosphere over Russia on 15 February 2013. The meteorite originated from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. I didn’t know about it untill last few weeks when I started investigating route options!
  • Omsk
  • Novosibirsk and the lost world of Altai Mountains
  • Krasnoyarsk
  • Irkutsk- Lake Baikal
  • Irkutsk(or Yakutsk)⇔Kamchatka Peninsula(flight)

As you can see on the first map, my very first train route is gonna be from St. Petersburg to Murmansk. It’s one of the best places to watch Northern Lights. And Those dates(end of March) I should still have pretty nice views. As far as I know train takes 1d 2h! I could take a flight, sure! But it’s more expensive than my flight BCN-WAW-St.PETERSBURG!!

You probably have noticed, that I plotted(deleted) some of the cities. That was before, when I thought, that I can get only one month visa. So, I wouldn’t have time to get everywhere. Now I’m pretty sure, that I will get three months visa! (fingers crossed!) That would be just greatest thing ever, and I wouldn’t have to be in a rush. Especially, if I have planned at least 3-5 days at each place. I will know about visa thing in about week…so I’m still nervous!

I’m not getting deep into my travel details, as I said all can happen. I will talk about it on the way.

I only know, that after I will hit Mongolia-where I have no plan at all! And China, same same…Well in Mongolia I could buy a horse and ride it through the country. That would be fun huh? In China, I will have to go by train to Beijing from Mongolia, and I want to see Xian, that’s for sure! Rest is a mystery even for me…hahaha

For the moment enough info I guess…


I have really good feelings about this journey. And, as I am willing to reach with it to many readers-not only on my blog, but all social media-I am also looking for sponsors to that trip.

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If you are a company willing to collaborate with me along the way, you are really welcome to contact me here or at doingthedistance[@]hotmail.com.  


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