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Here you have all the travel gear I use while traveling. You can find links to buy them, if there is something you’ll find useful or you’ll like it.


1. Macbook

First, and most important in all my travels right now. It used to serve to me as a normal laptop. Basically to store my travel photos, watch movies and Skype with family. Since I have my blog and became a Digital Nomad, it’s like my right hand. Couldn’t live without it!


2. Mackbook screwdrivers

Tiniest but, the most important here tool! (read #1) Believe me, everything can happen on the way. And, if you work on laptop then you are screwed. My Mac “luckily” broke only twice! The first time it would just stop working from one day to another. It happened in Thailand, and in three Apple services they told me, I had to change motherboard (which cost almost as much as new Mac!). Thank God I am stubborn and kept it to see if I can fix it by my self. and I did!!! Thanks to my fellow Google and those teeny mini screwdrivers I fixed it. Btw, it was ONLY RAM problems. 750$ saved! Second time I had serious HDD problem but, fixed it after days of scratching internet…but I did! It serves for iPhone as well.



 3. Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag is suitable from late spring to early autumn, with an extreme temperature rating of 0C. Comfort Temperature – 11C – 14C. The ‘comfort’ temperature is the minimum temperature that a sleeping bag is designed for so, do not go to extreme. It’s made 100% Polyester Ripstop. Its mummy shaped design follow your body shape, giving you a cosier night’s sleep. 


4. Camera

Since when GoPro took control over the market of extreme cameras, most of the travelers have them. I did have too, but it got stolen and since then I have GoXTREME ImpactIt is not any worse than GoPro itself. It has 120° wide angle lens at 1080p; 45m waterproof case. I did dive in Croatia with it up to 17meters, and camera works perfectly. It’s Full HD Action Cam with WiFi and-what I like about it the most- it has a remote control. Other specs are: 1080P (1920x1080P) video with sound; 2.0”/5cm display, 5MP sensor; Up to 10MP still image resolution (interpolated), Supports MicroSD cards up to 32GB; Lithium battery (exchangeable).


5. Selfie stick

I know, I know…I said I don’t like selfies and I used to hate this little motherfuc*** stick. But when you travel alone, you have to find ways to, actually be on some of the pics from the places you visit. I think a lot to do with that had as well my mom. She would always ask me to send her pics from my travels. Pics where I am on them…so, there you go mom! A selfie stick in its whole glory.


6. Tripod

This is, i think one of my best money spent lately!! I do no use a big professional camera. I wish, but no. It takes too much space in my bag and I would be scared all the time that someone will steal it. I think those are good for short professional trips. Anyways! I use my phone iPhone 6s and GoXTREME Impact and it’s enough. However sometimes I missed something. For example, while making time lapses…it’s not possible to stand in one place for an hour. That’s why I love this tripod. It’s compatible with smartphone, Gopro, and normal cameras ; max. load weight: 1KG. It’s light, weighs 0.39 KG ; extends from 28cm (11 Inches) to  1m (39.5 Inches). It has bluetooth Control: campatible with Android and IOS system, phone clip: fits all phone width less than 8cm (3.3 Inches) and its 3-way head, allows you make tilt and swivel motion pics.



7. Carabiner with knife

Ooooh yes man! I have one of those. Actually in one of the interviews from “Travelers Interviews project” one girl said clearly, that one thing she was missing on the way, was a knife to defend herself! So, you see it’s a great accessory. It has Philips screwdriver & flathead screwdriver, bottle opener, knife and locking carabiner. REMEMBER IT’S NOT TO BE USED FOR CLIMBING. This Carabiner is not meant for Climbing, so use it for this five things only. 


8. Money belt

Not gonna necessarily explain what is it for. I think everyone needs it, doesn’t matter what kind of traveler you are. It’s lightweight, comfortable and waterproof.


9. Neck pillow

Mmmm, one of my favorites, especially on long distance journeys. Hours and hours on planes, buses or trains can be killers. Zippered, machine-washable plush velour cover is awesome. Mine is comfy, fluffy, it’s been with me for over a year and I love it.



10. Phone Case (antitheft) for iPhone 6s

I think I saw it somewhere in Barcelona. One guy from Japanese group had it. Some weird metal ring on his iPhones case. I did research and (again) thanks to my fellow Google, I found it!

  • Slim Fit, and multi colors to suit your daily use
  • Unique hybrid cooling design. PC hard shell to protect your iPhone from drops, scratches and bumps
  • 180 degree Foldable Back Finger Ring is made of aluminum alloy, it allows you have a better and safer grip on reaching more parts of screen
  • 360 Degree Rotating Ring Kickstand: Provides you with multiple-viewing angles for watching video and movie
  • Antitheft- I put a strap to the ring and like that it can be safer, for eg. hanging on my neck.



10. Multifunctional Fork & Spoon

This I would definitely need on the way. Specially when spending many hours on Transmongolian. 

Made of stainless steel, comes with in a small handy bag. Has: fork, spoon, knife, wine cork screw opener, can opener, etc. Ideal for everyday use, camping, traveling


11. Hiking shoes

Depending on where I go, it’s really important to have one and very good one. You wouldn’t want to be obligated to use your Travel insurance! when breaking your leg wearing sneakers for that.



12. Hair trimmer

Yesss, you’ve heard good a hair trimmer. I do not like and do not trust hairdressers (sorry guys, if you are one). As well it’s just faster to cut my hair, takes literally less than 10 min. and I like to do it so…there you go. I have my own private hairdresser-myself!



13. Power bank 

I personally have one with 8000 mAh (milliampere hour, if you didn’t know what that means). That’s definitely ok for me to charge my phone and a camera even at the same time.

So, yeah how to know how much mAh do you need for your phone? An iPhone 6s will have about 1,800 mAh battery. Then you should expect 8000/1800 = 4.5 full charges!

14. External HDD Toshiba 500GB 

I use that one mostly to keep my travel photos. I could have around 10k of pics after few months of travel so, imagine. I keep there movies and system backup from my Mac. It’s slim and light and very helpful.

15.  Micro Fiber Towel

Taking a super absorbent, quick drying towel away with me was one of the best decisions. It’s small and handy so, you can use it everytime and get quick dry. I know that many of hotels and as well hostels have their own towels, but aren’t they sometimes too old and too used? It’s nice to have your own one.

16. Digital Voice recorder

That one is great. I like it, as it’s small and has built in microphone and 8GB of flash memory, which last for an hour of uninterrupted recording. It has as well tiny outside microphone, which you can “clip in” on your jacket or t-shirt, turn it on, put in your pocket and talk. Like that I can record everything what I see around me or my thoughts. I can’t always have a notebook with me so it’s helpful for future blog writing though.

17. Luggage Locks

Constructed with zinc alloy and able to withstand the rigors of baggage handling. Flexible cable gives you the convenience to use the lock with any zippered bags, even the smaller ones. 3-dial combination make it harder to crack.



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Safe travels!

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