Mongolia- a piece of heaven on a Trans Mongolian journey (VLOG)

Mongolia, a harsh, covered mostly with steppe country, that not many heard of. Located between the regions of East Asia and Central Asia. The nineteenth biggest nation on the planet, its expansion is around half of India and three times the surface of Spain. Is an adventure goal, where explorers can see the conventions of the past still honed today by solid nomads harping on the nation’s immense steppes and deserts.

Horse riding, Gobi Desert or forgotten by man, tribes like Tsaatan, are only few things that you can experience here. Mongolia sound like and actually is a rough country. However, after experiencing a variety of nomadic cultures, festivals and unforgettable nature, you’ll fall in love with it .

When you arrive to the capital- Ulaan Bator, you might think that it’s just another country lost somewhere in Asia. You couldn’t be more wrong. I did not liked Ulaan Bator so much. True! However once you put your feet outside of the city, on the “lost nomadic lands”, you won’t likely want to be back…



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