Homestay with Kazakh eagle hunters and Naadam Festival

Naadam Festival is one of the most important celebrations in Mongolia. Even though, You can see the biggest part of it in Ulaanbaatar, festival can be seen around the whole country.

After experiencing an amazing week of horse riding, camping surrounded by wild nature and living with Tsataan people, there was still more to see. And the festival was just around the corner. Obviously, after such a great experience I had in the North, I didn’t want to stay in the city. Since the last adventure with the boys was great I decided to go West with them.

From the very North of Mongolia we headed to Ulaanbataar, as it was the only way to get to the West. Here we did a little break and we also had to wash our clothes. After three days of rest, there was a long and hard trip waiting for us.

Bayan Olgii, the westernmost aimag in Mongolia. It is nearer to Kazakstan than it is to Ulaanbaatar.  The Kazakhs living here, have a dialect, culture and religion particular from whatever remains of Mongolia. And after all you’ve seen in Mongolia, Bayan Olgii will feel like a radical new nation (it does to most Mongolians, too!). Therefore, staying few days with Kazakh family was another incredible experience!




To make a homestay reality, you need to arrange few things before. Usually when you head to far West, you shouldn’t arrange any trips in Ulaanbataar, but in Olgii. Believe me, hundreds of kilometers far from Ulaanbataar, with different language and culture, it’s much better to do it from Olgii. I organized a car and a driver to take me deep into the mountains, where I could spend few days with Kazakh family and enjoy the Naadam festival in different way.

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