Hello Mother Russia. Day 3- Moscow Underground

Well, we all know that each city in the world has its own charm. Moscow is lively, colorful, modern and it has stunning underground.

Simply called by locals Metro, looks like really complicated spider’s web. I already told you, it is not. Ok, I am probably, in a bit better situation than you, as I can read and write Cyrillic and talk a bit Russian. That is why getting around the metro or city could be much easier. No worries though! Moscow metro is full of signs in English as well.

Today, I took a Metro tour organized by myself. I found on internet the most stunning metro stations in Moscow. I marked ten metro stations (there is more, but I wanted to visit only those) on the metro map and I planned the route. As most of those beauties are on the “circle” line L5, it was really easy to visit them all.

As my hostel is between Lubyanka and Chiste Prudy stations (red line), I walked to Chiste Prudy and got to the  Komsomolskaya station. Starting from here and going counterclockwise, here are all the beauties I’ve seen.

Metro stations I visited (in this order, first brown line counterclockwise): Komsomolskaya, Prospect Mira, Novoslobodskaya, Beloruskaya, Barrikadnaya (it’s the purple line so you have to stop at краснопресненская- brown line, and walk through the tunnel which unites then and then go back to brown line to continue), Kievskaya, here switched to blue line4 –Arbatskaya (and back to Kievskaya), Taganskaya, then all the way again by brown line to Beloruskaya, where I switched to green line and went to Mayakovskaya. From there I went to Ploshchad Revolutsii and from there I walked by to the hostel.

I spent total of approx. 4h 30min spinning around the metro. You can of course do it faster, visit less stations or split it in two days. It took so long as I took my time to enjoy it, and sometimes spent up to 15-20 min waiting for a perfect shot. You know, Moscow metro is really busy.

Cost of the “tour”: 50 RUB! I used only one ride for it. So, think before you’ll take a paid organized tour (there was plenty of those in many languages). I personally think is much better to go alone.

Enjoy it!



Prospect Mira










Ploshchad Revolutsii





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