Hello Mother Russia. Days 5-7 Kazan

Kazan is the Istanbul of the Volga. A place where the Europe meets Asia. It is 150 years older than Moscow and the capital of Tatarstan Republic- the land of Volga Tatars.

8 am. Finally, after over eleven hours in the train we arrived to Kazan. Thank God my Hostel Navigator is only 800, from the train station. Every single time I put the backpack on my bag, I am wondering what the hell do I have there!? Anyways, arrived to the hostel in 5min. and- even though check in is at 14:00, I got my bed right away! Took a shower, got a coffee and breakfast and went to visit the city. Headed straight to Kazan’s Kremlin, which was truly beautiful place.


I mentioned before, that Kazan is actually not on the Trans-Siberian route, but one day here is a nice jump off of the road. A part of great Kazinsky Kremlin, other often visited (not only) by tourists, and worth of checking are the Kremleyevskaya and Bauman streets. It is nice to hang around there and eat something after a long walk.


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