Hello Mother Russia. Day 2- Moscow Red Square and Kremlin

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Today I woke up fresh and rested, got a coffee and breakfast at the hostel and headed to the city. Today’s plan was to visit聽the Red Square and Kremlin.

If you’ll stay at Star Wars, you can get here city聽and metro聽map (in English 馃槈 ). On the map they already pointed places where to go and few routes, including walking and river boat routes.

To get to the Red Square and Kremlin from the hostel you need to simply head to the Myasnitskaya st. go left towards Lubyanka metro, take Nikolskaya st. and there you are!

If you plan staying somewhere else, the closest metro to get there are:

路Ploshchad Revolutsii L3

路Okhotny Ryad L1

路Teatralnaya L2

路Biblioteka Imieni Lenina L1

路Aleksandrovsky Sad L4

As for me walking, it should take 10 min., I walked from the hostel. Unfortunately Lublyansky Pass is under construction (as well as the big part of Moscows center) so, using GPS I decided to take other route. Wanted to head to the river and go along it to enjoy the view and then turn to Kremlin. Ha! No way madam! There, streets were 聽under construction too…I got lost and from 10 min. it took almost an hour, spinning around the streets trying to find the way…what a lubber I am. Ok, yeah finally I got there (that was my actual first day at Moscow!). It was impressive! It could be much more, if not the rainy weather. But really, it was so stunning. Simply there at the heart of Moscow, historically, geographically and spiritually beautiful- The Red Square and Kremlin.

Moscow started life in the 12th century as a triangular plot of land. Surrounded by a wall of protection, the fort contained the earliest settlement, while ceremonies and celebrations were held on the plaza outside. The fort, of course, is the Kremlin, while the ceremonial plaza is Red Square. -Lonely Planet

Even of the rainy weather still, The Square was really crowded, which is normal I guess. So, get ready for a long wait to make a good photo (or, at least you gonna be faster than thousands of Chinese walk tours!).聽I took it easy and walked around the square taking lots of pics from all angles. I didn’t go inside of St. Basil’s Cathedral or State Historical Museum, as I’m not fun of those at all. But you can easily get inside for the price of 700 RUB ( 12鈧) each. After the square聽I got to the Aleksandrovsky Sad, the weather got so much better so I could enjoy it’s beauty…and sit on the bench and bask in the sun like grandma (aka babushka).


If you want to see the real beauty and power of Kremlin, you gotta get inside. You can buy entrances聽at the ticket office 聽in the middle of Aleksandrovsky Sad. They will give you a map and tell you where to enter. Cost- 500 RUB (8鈧). You should聽聽visit as well The Armory Chamber-full of the most intriguing treasures, weapons, jewellery, gowns and crowns. It is a Museum with separated entrance. You聽can buy it at the same office,聽at the price of 700 RUB (12鈧).

Once at Kremlin, only here you can see 800 years of Russian history in one day.

Entered the fortress through the Kutafiya and then Trinity Tower, the first thing聽that caught my eye was Armery. Ringed with 800 captured Napoleonic cannons. Right after it, on the right side, State Kremlin Palace聽sits in marble and glass. I turned right to the exposition of Russian cannons, only casting an eye on The Senate Square and building. Cannons were much more impressive…and the Tsar Cannon and Bell!


Tsar Cannon cast in 1586 for Fyodor I,聽has never fired聽and certainly not the cannonballs beside it, which are way too big. Such a pity! Could literally blown away the whole city with one shot. Tsar Bell,聽is the world’s biggest 聽bell. Sadly, (the original one) it never rang. In a 1701 fire, an over 100 ton bell fell from its belfry. The current Tsar Bell, which you can find next to Ivan The Great Bell Tower, was cast in 1730s for Anna Ioanova. The bell was cooling off in the foundry pit, when it came into contact with the water, causing 11 ton chunk to chip off…such a bad luck.

The other really stunning, same, out and inside are: The Archangel’s Cathedral, The Assumption Cathedral, the Church of Laying Our Lady’s Holy Robe, The Patriarch’s Palace and The Secret garden.


That day, the weather was crazy. Starting from the sunny morning, through rain with Siberian wind, sunny moments again mixed with rain and hail to end up with nice chilly spring evening. I walked so many kilometers as well, but each was worth it!


Daily expenses:

coffee at hostel: 80r

food/coffee bag/tea bag/water(market): 500r

meal at food counter GUM mall: 410r

Kremlin ticket: 500r聽

bed in four beds room: 850r/night

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