Hello Mother Russia. Day 1- Moscow, the dark side unzipped

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Finally my “epic” travel to Russia started! As you have noticed, I’m a bit late…and it’s not because I was late for the plane (haha). I simply had few, new projects in the meantime and so I postponed the whole journey. This time starting from Moscow…

5 am. it’s never a good idea to get up and catch a plane. I haven’t sleep in almost whole night, and so I was literally dead when finally- three hours later, arrived from Barcelona to Gerona Airport. I flew from there to Moscow Vnukovo Airport with Pobeda airlines.

POBEDA AIRLINESNever heard of them before, but they are like Russian Ryanair, only kinda better. Cheapest ticket bought from one day to another.

+Ticket: 124€

+ Check in Luggage paid: up to 20kg 

+Check in Luggage free: up to 10kg (this luggage is counted as a hand luggage however they always check it in to not take it inside the plane)

+One lady bag or laptop case size hand luggage


=139€  HA!

Cheap, really nice crew and much more space than in Ryanair. 

Once arrived to Moscow, I took Aeroexpress to Moscow city center, which was cheap and fast..ok only fast-500 RUB(8€). You can buy tickets from the machines near the station (which is under the Airport- just follow the signs). You have also more options get to the city center. For eg. you can take a city bus (611, 611c). Ticket booth is near the bus stop (30 RUB). It goes from the airport to “Yugo-Zapadnaya” metro station (red line) and then straight by red line to “Lubyanka” or “Chistye Prudy” metro. The hostel where I’m staying (read below) is there. I chose the train, as I thought it would be less cloudy, and I was right. Train from the airport is very comfortable, spacious and clean.

Aeroexpress goes straight to the “Kievskaya” metro station. From there you can catch another metro depending on where your hostel is. Or just spin around with the brown line.


No worries! Really, it’s easier than it looks. You have metro stations names in English as well. In all metro trains, a nice lady warns you through the megaphone which will be the next station. And in English! You can easily buy tickets inside the metro from machines (as well in English). Metro stations are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! I will have to spend one day to make my own “metro tour”.


Mayakovskaya Metro station




When you get to the airport please, do yourself a huge favor and buy a Russian SIM card. It cost only 350 RUB (5,60 €) and you’ll have unlimited internet in the country. It will save your ass, as it saved mine (not the first time tho!)


When finally arrived to my (first) hostel- named “Myaso hostel”, I almost got a heart attack. You should know that I’m not picky at all when traveling and not getting scared of many things. But man! This fuckin hostel booked via Bookin.com, scared shit out of me! I should mention that it was raining the whole day and I was carrying 25kg of backpacks, so I was wet and cold AF. This didn’t discourage me of leaving the hostel after 10min in searching of another one…but before I needed a hot tea. So yeah, long story short, this motherfokin place looked worse than a Siberian Gulag! I asked booking to banned it from the site really!

After half an hour I finally found a new hostel. There it was, my new home-Star Wars Hostel. Only by the name I knew it was it!(my best friend loves star Wars, she couldn’t be wrong). But first, I went inside to check if they had free beds. Luckily they did! For even more luck, Slava- a guy working there, helped me to bring my luggage from the “dark side” . I seriously almost cried of happiness when I got my bed (princess bed). The place is super clean, silent, has extremely comfortable beds, guys from the reception are great! The bathrooms and kitchen are very clean. You can cook by yourself or order the breakfast/food at reception (do it one day before). There is common space and cafe where you can sit and relax. You can use the washing machine if you are in need. It’s in very center and only 10 min. walking from Red Square and Kremlin.


Mother Russia, you won’t break me. That night I slept like a baby…


Daily expenses:

aeroexpress: 500r

metro 1 pass: 55r

not cheap tea: 250r

bed at Star Wars: 850r/night

For any questions ask in comments.

Safe travels!



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