How the great adventure almost turned a hell

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New year, new adventures, new challenges. This is what I was expecting from my new job in Iceland -glacier guide. Sounds awesome right? Plus all this cool stuff coming in the middle, just because of living on this little but incredible island – dreamland of many backpackers…Well, this dream almost turned to be a hell.


I fell in love with Iceland already before we landed. Maybe because it looked a bit like other planet? So small, mysterious and full of surprises at every step and at any time of the year.

Half day in Reykjavik, overnight in Hvolsvöllur (my new home) and then we were heading South-East to Skaftafell. Here, in the National Park our training on the glacier Falljökull, was about to start. Four days of basic guiding and rescuing preparation. Man, those days were really challenging. More than ever because of the weather conditions we were at. Raining 24h/day, cold and wind up to 25m/sec.

But we made it! I made it! I even passed the basic rescue assessment.  And I was proud of myself, especially taking into account the fact, that my last challenge was sitting on the couch eating pizza and drinking wine.

After four cold and wet days, we came back to  Hvolsvöllur – our home for next few months.

Saturday 13th. Day off and after that we’re back to the next part of guiding training – “shadowing” other guides.

Boys decided to go to the near town called Selfoss and spend our day off there. We took our Jeep and we drove…so far no one can tell what actually happened. In one moment the car went into a skid. First to the left of the road than to the right. Alberto tried to steer the car in the direction of the skid, but it didn’t help. We were sliding off the road and in that moment, we knew, that  we are screwed…

For a second I hoped we’ll only slide off the road and that’s all. We didn’t. The car flew off it and rolled over three times. Everything went so fast…

When the car stopped rolling over, I was still on the back seat. Thank God we all had seat belts put on. I saw guys moving and slowly trying to get out of the car. They were fine with only few scratches. I felt myself slightly turned to the left side like, “hanging” on my seatbelt. My head hurt so much. I saw my left arm and it looked like it was ” lying” there next to me and I couldn’t feel it at all. It looked weirdly… “OMG!..It’s ripped off!!!”, I thought. Then I looked at my other arm and I couldn’t feel it either. I felt something warm and sticky on my face…it was blood running down my face to my eyes and mouth.

Then I saw cars stopping and people running to us. “Everything is gonna be fine now”, some positive thoughts went through my mind. I was sitting there in the back sit waiting for the ambulance, looking straight ahead without any expression on my face. “All car windows are gone. The roof folded inside like a book, like a big “V”. It must’ve happened while we were rolling…the roof folded like a “V”. I can’t see, I can’t see…Can someone take it away? The blood…my eye..can you take it away? Wake up!”, those voices were running in my head. I wasn’t asleep it was shock. Someone came close and started cleaning the blood on my face. “Thank you”, I said. The man started looking if I have no other wounds or fractures. There was no, luckily…

The way to the hospital in Reykjavik seemed to take forever, and I only wanted to cry. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to cry cos of the accident or because I simply survived.

At the hospital everything was like out of a movie. You know. Taking me out of the ambulance, celling lights along the ER corridor, all the nurses and doctors around me…But when I heard ” We are going to cut your clothes off…”, I felt that this shit is real AF. For the next four hours I didn’t know what was going on. Everything hurt me so much. My face felt like an elephant just step on it. One of the doctors showed up and said that she’s going to sew my cut. Thank God, I thought I’m gonna be Frankenstein’s girlfriend. An hour and seven stitches later, I was supposed to be pretty again haha. At the end, seven is a lucky number.

Add to it couple of X-rays, Ct, tests, and finally I was in my room. A while later the doctor told me, that I have a neck fracture and hearing this together with my tingling arms, made my heart skip a bit. Luckily the fracture is small and there’s no need for an operation. Fuck, tears showed up in my eyes- this time from happiness. I felt really relieved, even tho the upcoming night was just another part of a nightmare.

The next day in the morning, after sleepless night and some new tests I’ve heard I can go home. My friend Simon was about to come and pick me up. The weather couldn’t turn worse that day. I just had an accident yesterday and now I need to spend over two hours driving in a snow storm. Outside of Reykjavik we got stopped by police and being told that the roads are closed and there is only one open which can lead us to Hvolsvöllur. On the way back I almost shit my pants seriously! Especially in moments, when there was absolute nothing around us, total emptiness and the only thing I could se was the windshield. Thank fuckin God Pepe drove us back home safe and sound.

Now, a week later I start feeling slightly better. My face is not so swollen anymore and the cuts are getting better. The worse are arms. The pain is not fading away and it’s worrying me a bit. It is not just a simple pain of having bruises after being in a “washing machine”. It’s like nerve pain inside my arms and hands and apart of it they’re becoming numb during the night…Just wonderful! I really hope that in the next few weeks all will go back to normality.

I’m so fed up of staying at home. I need some action!!! And just to let you know, I did not gave up! I am not gonna go back home and cry. I am staying in Iceland and soon be back to work as planned!

Never give up!!



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