I always look for opportunities to explore the ancient cultures and traditions of the world. The sight of old buildings and the insight into ancient lifestyles gives me the thrills that nothing else does. This is why I embarked on the journey to Kenya as soon as a friend of mine, Mark, told me that he was going there. I learned so much about the local people and the way they live. I am writing this to tell you how great of a journey it was.

We took a flight to Kenya in East Africa. On reaching there, his friend welcomed us and we lodged at his house for a day before beginning the real adventure. Then we hit the road and set on the route to Lake Turkana in Kenyan Rift Valley. This is the largest desert lake in the world, which has a lot to show. Mark and I were astounded by how much tenacity this lake has as it has no vegetation nearby. There are numerous volcanic rocks surrounding the lake which have a story of their own.

The tribes of Lake Turkana are very welcoming and the warmth in their attitude made the dry hot weather bearable. Just make sure that you have loads of sunscreen with you before booking a flight to Kenya. There is an intriguing amalgam of languages in there and we learned many words from a local old lady, Achieng. This kind lady served hot Githeri with chapattis to us and we fell in love with the foods in Kenya. We captured the lifestyle of those people in our cameras as the non-existence of modern technology makes it quite interesting.

From there, we got on a local jeep to travel to the Omo Valley. Along the way, we saw the Omo River which runs along the boundary of Kenya and empties into Lake Turkana. A very interesting sight met our eyes when we reached the valley. The people there were all dressed in fancy tribal clothing and that is because they receive many tourists. Abnas, the youngest son of Achieg, who had accompanied us from Lake Turkana told us that this is because they have to be ready for tourists’ cameras all the time. We learned quite a lot about the culture and folklore of Mursi and Hamer tribes. The folklore and native foods of these tribes made the stay worth its while and we parted from Abnas there.

Our thirst for adventure with ancient tribes was still unquenched and we set out for Ethiopia, just across the border from there. There we feasted our eyes, minds, and soul with the centuries-old architecture of churches in Lalibela. These rock-hewn churches are so far the finest addition in my album so I recommend you click as many pictures there as you like. We met the pilgrims from different parts of Africa there and saw their rituals live. This is something that we could never experience through the screen in our homes. Our month-long adventures came to an end and we returned home with buckets full of memories and experiences. I will always be up for another adventure in these places so I am awaiting more opportunities.

There were many things that we needed there, when we were on the road trip but we only realize that at the time of necessity. It was an amazing trip and I am eager to embark on a new journey but this I will be more prepared from head to toe with the things that might not seem significant at the moment but become very handy when the time comes.