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Not so far time ago, one of my friends said she wants to go travel Asia, but didn’t have any idea where to start. She’ll have only three weeks so we started to plan it together, as I spent there a year. That planning, talking about routes, people…made think about my journeys and made me want to go travel again so much! (At that time I was “trapped” at home, saving for the next trips)

I often see that many travelers nowadays seem to make of “traveling the world” one big race or, some kind of a competition. I only hear everywhere how many countries or continents they’ve seen, as if quantity would be more important than quality. Well, it is NOT! At least not for me. I really do not give a flying fu** about the number of countries you’ve seen.

Tell me what have you learnt from your journeys!

I like to dive deep into the culture of the place I travel to, until I understand the soul of it…what about you?


So, there it was! I’ve decided to make a small project about asking some questions, to people who travel. 

Doesn’t matter the age, gender or orientation. It’s all about to see how they do it. Why. What they had learned from it and what can you learn from them!

To refresh their memories…To make it fun again.




“I had fun doing the interview though! And remembering my journeys through all the questions made me want to go on the road again right away.”– JASMINE


“This looks like an awesome project, I’ll have my morning tea and head to the library to complete it…”– CHRISTINE


” That was really fun to fill out – like a trip down memory lane…”– TAYLOR


“Wonderful! Looking forward to getting this completed”– KEIRA



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